Hustler Fund commercial Ad – Kenya

Are you a Kenyan Hustler looking to start or boost your hustles by injecting funds into upgraded equipment, a larger location, or expanding to new markets? If so, Hustler fund is your answer! Hustler fund objective is to make affordable credit to sections of the Kenyan citizens that have been left behind for far too long, to grow and develop. The application is a simple and straightforward Process. Here are the Steps to Access the Hustler Fund via your Mobile.

1. Dial *254#.
2. Select the loan request option to view the limit, interest, and loan tenure.
3. Enter the loan amount and press OK to continue.
4. Confirm loan details as displayed to continue.
5. Enter your Mobile Money pin.
6. Receive SMS notifications on Loan allocation with loan information.
Hustler Fund! The Financial Inclusion Fund!

📌 Commercial/Customized Videos, Voice Over & Scripts
📌 Graphic Design
📌 website design
📌 Spokesperson reading your script

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